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Sewing my dreads...

So, I've had dreadlocks for about 2 years. They're quite hard, and almost as thick as a pinky finger... so, not that huge at all. I've had a few breakages here and there unfortunately, but since my hair was soft in the past I kind of just let it go and continued to let them grow. They're just past my chin now in length, so when one breaks it kind of sucks... and some of them have thinned out quite a bit, SO.... I've introduced myself to sewing them together from the root to tip.

I got out some normal black thread and sewed a thinner dread in the front, to a thicker one nearby. I didn't really have a strategy, I just went back and forth starting from the root, and made some loops around them here and there to hug the dreads together more - nothing too tight though. I was just wondering if hard-ish dreads could grow together eventually like this? I mean, will I be able to (somehow) take the thread out one day and have one dread?

Any sewing tips in general would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback!!
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