alison (nopoppersforme) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

well i still have dreadlocks

What up GUDU! I moved to reno and i sell rocks now. I still have dreadlocks.

Springtime in Reno. Weather gets weird. Good thing I have this hair scarf.

I got these SWEET dread ties from!! They're in Australia but shipping is like $3 and they got here fast. I also have a dreadsnake from them (!!!!) but I havent photog'd it yet.

And lish this is for you, it's been four years since I had my 15mm labret sewn shut.

Also, as per always, GUDU has a permanent discount code for my etsy. code GUDU20 for 20% off, no minimum, doesn't expire. As long as I have a shop. There's still hats and stuff, tho my etsy's getting full of rocks, so if you're into that, cool!

Feel free to follow me all over the intertubes. IG (personal): @kissmyovaries. IG (business, rocks mostly): @rocksandchainz. Facebook:

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