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I've checked the f.a.q., but couldn't find any mention of getting rid of dreadlocks so now i'm asking here. I backcombed my hair more than a year ago and absolutely loved it for quite some time, but lately i've been thinking about getting rid of my dreads on a nearly daily basis. However, short hair doesn't suit me. at all. So just chopping them off is not really something i'd like to do.
I've heard that people sometimes comb out their dreads, but i don't know if that's a good idea. How would i go about doing that? Is it possible at all? What will my hair look like afterwards?
Now i know that everyone's hair is different and it all depends on how solid your dreads are and whatnot, but i was wondering if anyone in this community has experience with this. Any before/after pictures, experiences, hints and tricks etc. would be highly appreciated.

full version

full version

(dirty fingernails, an empty beerbottle and livejournal in the background. hmm, i just love how i'm representing myself here.)
as you can see in the full versions of those pictures, my locks aren't all that locked; lots of loose hairs and frizzies. The ends are pretty weak too, and i can pull them apart completely without too much effort. My hair's still pretty soft and straight and shiny (it looks greasy in the pictures but that's mostly due to the flash) too, and not too dried out and afro-like.

Thanks in advance.
p.s. i swear to god, the white stuff on my shoulders isn't dandruff. haha.
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