freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

Mod Post

First off, I love you guys. You should challenge me if you think I'm a power hungry uber bitch. I'm not trying to be. I seriously love this community and will never ban someone for asking a question or for thinking I'm being out of line. So kudos to angel_thane for bringing up a good question. And everyone that commented with concerns.

That being said... no spam. Ever.
This won't change. Spam is one of the first things that make a community suck. If users have to stroll past all that garbage to see a post worthwhile then people will leave and this place will die. GUDU should not die.

What is spam? Spam would be communities promos that aren't dread/hair related. I do feel the need to limit the type of promos or people will join just to promote anything. This isn't the place for that. There are already promo communities and I don't think anyone can disagree with this rule too terribly. Spam also includes email forwards (once-in-a-lifetime business scams, sick kids with cancers, etc...). Most of the time they are annoying and fake. So spare the group. And anything else the group deems is spam will get deleted. I think we understand what spam is so let me move on.

In my previous post I said nothing that doesn't relate to dreadlocks. I think perhaps I need to retract that statement.

This is a place where we can come together and talk about things. I love it when people bring serious topics to the forum. This community was made for dread lovers. My main concern is fights. You've all been online long enough to know how to form a post that incites conversation and one that starts flame wars. Please please please let's all be as mature and respectful as we've been so far. It's hard to make this place inviting and orderly without becoming overbearing. I hate deleting posts and bugging people. And banning people makes me sad. So as long as you guys are as awesome as you've always been then enjoy yourselves. As always, feel free to comment/send me candy/yell at me/call my mother names.


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