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this community is the happiest little place in the world :)
so im saruh...ive been a member here under a different name but didnt post much. buttt im here. ive had my dreads for ten months and love them muchly. recently i cut bangs in the front so uh...yeahhh.
my reasons for dreading my hair are very important to me. before i had dreads i used to blow dry my hair EVERYDAY and if i didtn i would worry about how i looked and whatnot. although i worried about that shit, i realized there was so much more to me than that and i realized how much of a slave to generic beauty images i was. also, it came to a point where i couldnt talk to people about ANYTHING (ie politics, philosophy etc) without them commenting on my beautiful red hair and my "beauty". instead of having guy friends, i had a group of guys who didnt care about me but just my looks and getting in the sack with me. needless to say, THAT SUCKED. i was more than that...hell i was and still am, smarter than that and i wasnt going to put up with it. so i dreaded my hair, and i think it looks beautiful, just a different kind of beautiful. i believe in challenging beauty and gender images in order to keep society on its toes. i quit smoking pot for six months so that people couldnt stereotype me and whatnot and i have had quite a year.
having dreads makes me more confident and it has made me realize that i am beautiful whether or not my hair is dklfasldfhk or nice and straight. anyway...yeah
so i would love to know why everyone else has their hair in dreads :)
annnnnd pikshuresssss hehe
ps. I cant make comments to anything yall say because i dont have a SUBMIT COMMENT button. i would fix it but i cannot figure out how and the answers ive gotten on the lj help board dont make much sense :) but im thinkin of ya

pre-bangs -these two pics were taken in the lunchroom on a crazyhair day hah
also prebangs...
henna on lips and new bangs
back view
for good measure
and finally...my doggie TUTTI salutes you (she's singing in this pic)
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