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Hey there, y'all. I'm your typical "I-haven't-posted-in-forever-but-I-always-stop-by-the-site" person. But I felt like sharing a picture with you that some of you might enjoy.
Disclaimer: There are drug connotations, although no actual drug usage. Okay, then.

On April 20th, (thank you) we hit up a really cool sandwhich joint (heh) called Cheba Hut. They had bands, contests, etc. and all the sandwhich names were - Blunts, Dank, The Roller, Maui Waui, etc. anyway. Really cool place if you're in the phoenix-tempe area. Enjoy!

Outside the shop.

Our crew. Me with dreads.

Inside, note the interesting decor.

Okay, just thought I'd share. Have a good day.
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