cassie (zoi) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

so, i made my first dread last thanksgiving, and many others have come and gone but my entire head was finished with its final set somewhere around may.. ish. and ive had many little expiriments where i would see what my hair would and would not do given provided methods.. and two of them i documented. so.. here are my..

ha. yes. number one was conducted on a then 5 month old dread, which had developed an "s" shape that i figured would take care of itself over time. but as the months progessed the s got bigger and more matted, and i feared it would lock up in that shape, and i believe it was francesca who posted instructions on latch-hooking, so i gave it a try, and it worked! so here are the results!


and immediately after! and it has since been a two months and the things doin great.

the next dreadspiriment (insert evil laughter here) was on a mini braid, which i has just included on my head because i had missed a small section of hair and i really like the braid/dread combo. but alas.. after about 4 months.. it wanted to be a dread no longer... observe!

yeah.. i kinda hope it progresses.. i like it better as a dread.. even if it is tiny. oh, and sorry for the horrid quality and size, etc. ha.

so yeah, as if this post werent long enough.. here i am with my 2-8 months old dreads!

c u everyone!
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