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Okay, so I have my hair shaved up into a mohawk, and I keep trying to figure out how big my sections should be, but rather than orry about it I'll just show all of you my hair and you can tell me what makes the most sense.

Here's a quick general shot to show you my mohawk.

This shows how high it's shaved on the sides. (looks pretty high)

Now here's where you can see how much hair I have to work with. (I'm pulling on it so it's tight. Otherwise it gets kinda poofy and looks like there's more than there really is)

And despite how high it's shaved on the sides, this is all the hair from a top view.

Okay. So the question is, how many rows of dreads could I fit going from left to right? It's going to be either 2, 3, or 4. I want them to be thin but not so thin that they thin out and fall off. If I part my hair right down the middle, I could do either 2 large sections, or 4 smaller ones. If I don't part my hair in the middle, I can do 3 sections, but then I'd probably only do 2 in the very front so I don't have a dread hanging down between my eyes. Then the rest of the rows would all be 3 and they'd alternate which side they hung over I guess.

There you have it. So which would give me thin yet strong dreads? Is 4 pushing it? Is 2 too big? I don't know how big the dreads end up being compared to the sections used to make them, you people do. So you can probably figure out exactly what's best. Thanks.

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