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Everyone's against me and my hair.

My sister (she's getting married next year) came by today, and when I came down, my mum started talking about the wedding. My neighbour came in too and joined their little conversation.

General conclusion : I have to cut my hair to prevent eternal shame for our family.

A couple of comments I got :
"cut your hair before the wedding, maybe we'll still be able to do something pretty with it"
"if you're gonna walk up to the altar with 'those things', everyone's gonna wonder where that hobo came from"
"cut them" x 100
"why did you get that ratsnest anyway ? It looks disgusting. I loved your hair more when it was still normal"

Honestly, my mum NEVER liked my hair like this. From the day I came home with it, she screamed "what have you done ?!!" to me.
Since then, it's been "cut it", "*sigh + headshake*" whenever she sees me. My dad doesn't care, he just occasionally mouths a "look at that".
My sister (the wedding one) always asks me when I'm gonna go to a salon to get my hair fixed up "they look so messed up", my brother never said something about it, but I know he isn't very fond of them, my sister Kim is the only one who says she thinks my hair is crazy.
I know she'd never get dreadlocks, but she once told me she thinks they suit me :)

The rest of my family hasn't even seen me with them, it's been years since I last saw them (the bad half at least, the good half just nods and smiles)

Someone told me this earlier today : they can't force me to cut them.
But I'm sure my mum and my sister will come up with some alternative that I'll eventually agree with, and which will make me cut them after all.

I don't want to give up on my locks, they've (as cheesy as this may sound) made me the way I am today.
I really hate living here at the moment, I wish I could move or something.

Hilly xx
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