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Dreds and Queers

In the queer subcultures (especially with men, but also to a lesser extent with females) short hair is de rigeur. Everybody has it, it serves (in part) as an identifier - a way of telling like feelinged people that you are of the same attraction-type.

The queer communities also tend to be very appearance orientated. How you look is what you are. Twinkies dress as twinkies, bears like bears, somebody who wants to be identified as a bulldyke doesn't wear pink dresses and etc...

Dredlocks, and especially long dredlocks do not easily fit into the 'gay hair' picture.

The question then comes in how, lacking a major part of the visual picture (hair) do queer dredheads identify themselves in what is largely a visual medium?

There is the option of not worrying about the hair, but instead focusing on the other 90% of one's visual appearance - this can be problematic though, as hair (especially wildly different hair (even artfags are rarely found with dredlocks)) is a much more major identifier than its relative size would suggest.

There is also the 'well they'll get to know me on their own' option, but especially in a loud club, or from a first impression arcross a crowded room, its the visual aspects that matter. One may not approach another if they either i) don't seem queer, or ii) seem like the wrong kind of queer.

Just wondering how dredlocked queers in this forum (especially men) tend to deal with those issues.
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