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Someone please kick me,
I almost cut my locks today.

I called my sister (the wedding one)today, had a talk with her, and we kinda came to an 'understanding': I'm gonna search for a way to style my dreads in a 'weddingly' way, and cross my fingers that she'll like it.
She told me she never really hated my hair, it's just that she wants everything to go perfect for her wedding day, which I completely understand.

Now, after that call I wanted to talk to mum as well.
It didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would...

We got into a HUGE fight 0.o
She said some pretty nasty things to me, some of them really hurt me :/

I kinda had enough at a certain point, so I ran into the bathroom and locked myself up.
Took the scissors in my left hand, one of my dreads in my right hand and was about to cut them all off.

But I just couldn't do it. I chickened out. (thankfully)
I've worked too damn hard for my locks, and I love them like crazy.
Why would I give up on them for something so silly ?

After my little 'revelation' I came out of the bathroom, threw the scissors on the kitchen table and left my gobsmacked mother behind.
I think she kinda realizes now how much I care for my locks, coz she's acting all nice again.

I'm still a dreadhead :)
A very dramatic one though (I apologize)

Love you all,
Hilly xx <3
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