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hello to all my lovely dreadheads!!!

i know, it's been forever since i posted. shortly after i combed out my dreads in june, i moved to a new apartment - and without internet, i cut back big time on my friends list, and stopped reading this community.

well, this past week, truckoffools has been at my apartment visiting in the midst of his road trip/phish touring/etc., and we've had a total blast. yesterday we went to a caribbean/west indies culture fest downtown, and i saw the most beautiful dreads ever... so many... it was so amazing. and it inspired me to redo mine!

not only that, but one of my friends wants to dread her hair, too. so we're going to have a dread party sometime, and do our hair together! i'm pumped.

i don't regret combing them out... i had them for about 5 months, and i loved them. and it was nice to have a change - have normal hair for a while. but i think dreads suit me well. so... yup. here we come!
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