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i've come to the conclusion that you know you have a good friend if s/he will actually take five hours out of their day to tangle your hair. haha.

but my locks didn't come out so great. like, i know it's just the first day so they aren't supposed to be, but i've seen some first day pictures on this community that are awesome... meh. i don't know -- i feel like she made them too thick/not tight enough, and i'm spazzing out. did anyone's hair look like this disaster: after doing it with a knotty boy kit? and how does your hair look now?

(not that you can really see much in that picture.. bad lighting. let's just say i look like sideshow bob but worse.)

and with that kit, how much wax is too much? sometimes i feel she may have used too much, but i don't really know -- is it bad to use too much? o.o

eta: jeez, i forgot my main question: do they get thinner as they tighten? i was going to rip some in half but i don't want to if that's the case. and how long for the poof/sideshow bob effect to go away? :/

eta: oh yeah, and someone please reassure me they aren't going to all mat together if i wear a hat ^^;; it feels like they're going to, even any time i touch it to try and flatten them a little bit.
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