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Funny story

So, I've had dreads for 4 days, and I already have funny stories. I work as a temp at Target HQ, in downtown Minneapolis, and needless to say get lots of looks at my new dreads. Today, this guy that rides my bus and looks very professional and generally angry all of the time, stopped me as I was walking into work and asked me where I got my dreads done. I told him Hairpolice and he said, "Yeah, me too, ten years ago." I thought it was hilarious that this seemingly corporate type guy had dreads for two years. lol

So yeah, now I have not only a conversation peice, but a bonding tool as well. :)

BTW, I will post pics as soon as I get back to my home (Ithaca, NY) and can get my hands on my digital camera.

I love this community!
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