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ani d. on hair...

hello all you lovely dreadheads! I am unduly excited because an LJ friend has offered to help me start my dreads when I go visit her in a couple weeks... I will post before & after pics when I have them! In the meantime, no pics, but I read this Ani DiFranco interview in the righteousbabes community:

How do you take care of your dreads?
I sleep fitfully - that's how.

So you twist them by just sort of tossing and turning on the pillow?
The most recent incarnation is really about the laissez-faire attitude, you know, I don't have to do anything. The whole shaving and dyeing bright colors... I would love to have bright green hair, but I don't have the energy.

Right. You were doing it for quite a while.
I was, thank you very much! I try to make the world a more colorful place if I can. But now, this is just an effortless way of indicating outwardly that I am not with the status quo. It just makes me more comfortable as I move through the world. I like to be in an airport surrounded by businesspeople and clearly not be one.

To have them know that you're a freak?
Yeah, and take off some of the clothes of privilege that I was born into in this society. You know, sweet little white girl. If I had regular hair, things would be a lot simpler, and all those businessmen would be a lot friendlier. But that wouldn't feel right to me, because I think hair is just such an easy way to make a statement about who you are in community with. Is that enough about hair?

-- ani di franco [interviewed in The Believer]
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