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Bye-bye, beautiful. Don't bother to write.

i was looking at my hair, and i realized that i still have highlights at my tips from when i highlighted my hair two years ago. it's funny, i have like 3 dreads with about an inch and a half of blonde streaks at the bottom.

I didn't see anything about this in the FAQs... I've dyed a few of my dreads a few times, and i noticed that after a few days my hair just kind of slurped up the dye...i rubbed it in the best i could, which was a pretty damn good job. the first time i dyed it red, and i thought it was because i didn't leave it in long enough. then i washed my hair instead of just rinsing it. But this time i left the dye in for like a day because i didn't have time to rinse it out. i only dyed one, orange this time, and i'm pretty sure i used enough dye. when i rinsed it out, the dye was still running after about five minutes. when it dried, it was a nice, bright orange. it's been about a week, and a week and a half since i really washed my hair. the dye is almost completely gone, except for the's the brightest, because it has a few streaks from those 2-year-old highlights. Why do my dreads suck up the dye after a few days? i some semi-permanent dye that my friend stole from Hot Topic, and i didn't bleach my hair...could the bleach be the key to success?

and one more thing...there's one dread that really hurts. i don't know if it snagged on something and got pulled at the root, or if something bit my scalp...but it hurts, and i'm afraid to wash my hair or fix my roots because it hurts if i touch it. sunburn maybe? i haven't really been out in the sun all summer though...
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