emuhlee (laughingcities) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hello hello :)

hello. my name is emily. I just joined. I am 19 and in ohio, dreaded for about a year and a half. been watching for awhile and decided I should say hi.

ever since I was around 14, I was fascinated by dreads. the look, the feel, the air around those who had them.. it was beautiful to me. I considered letting mine lock for awhile, but I was young and I thought I would get bugs, and I was afraid of cutting my hair when I didn't want them anymore.

years passed and next thing I knew, I was 17. I went into my normal hair salon to get my hair cut and I saw this girl with long, beautiful, blonde dreadlocks. as I got my hair cut and fussed with, I kept watching her. after I was finished, I went right up to her and told her that I was at the point that I wanted my hair to dread, and I wanted her help. yep. went right up to a stranger. luckily she was very nice and ready to help. her name was lisa and I went over to her house a few weeks later.

she seperated my hair, put a few rubber bands at some of the bases, messed it up for a half an hour and sent me on my way. no products, no combs, no nothing. just some messy hair, some of it in braids. a few months later of not doing anything to my hair, it started locking up. I consider this a part of the neglect method, as when I left lisa's house that night my hair looked far from what it does now.

about a year after my encounter with her, my hair was in thick dreads with tapered ends. the entire time I let my hair do what it wanted and let nature take its course. the edges didn't want to dread, so I didn't try. also, the front of my hair never wanted to dread, as well as some patches underneath by my neck, so I let them stay loose. I've noticed as the months go by, some of the patches in the front have begun dreading. I just sit back and let it do what it wants; after all, isn't that what dreads are about? :)

thanks for reading... :)

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