Yellow Magnetic Star (ashantae) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Yellow Magnetic Star

hey dreadfriends...

I was just scrolling through and enjoying all the beautiful people who share their images here. What a blessing to behold.
Anyway, I am feeling in love with my dreads. They are so fun and poofy at times, it makes me happy. I also love that they make me want to take pictures of myself. I have never done this before, I have actually hated to have my picture taken at all, but my lovelies have changed all that. And I thought I was doing this to shed some vanity, hmmm, guess that backfired, huh? *laughs*
So, my post is meaningless, except to say that I love my messy freaked out hair, even when I feel like my classmates judge me and I wonder if I'll ever get a professional job after grad school... even when I go out with my dready husband and people stare and children point... (did I mention I live in Oklahoma?) even when patrons at the library look at me like like I just fell off a pirate ship... (arrrrr, matey) but mostly when I feel them tickle my shoulders or when my son rubs one between his fingers.

Thanks for being here so I can express my dread love, BTW, I love all your dreads just the same.
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