...the innocent can never last... (littlerockstar3) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
...the innocent can never last...

ok guys, last night i just couldn't take it anymore...

i was sitting the the bathroom sink ( thats where i sit when i want to think about things ) and i said "gosh darn it i want dreads" so, i picked up a little pink comb and said "ok, so make one"

and i did.

just one. on the underneath section of my hair. even if it is only one and it's baby brand new i love it. i even named it >.<

now, i don't know how to dread and i was conidering letting it lock up the natural way but i figured itd be pretty hard to do that with only one piece of hair...

i'm not sure how having only one dread will work out. in any case im willing to try

so if anyone has techniques tips tricks (i cant get the ends to knot) and whatnot to make this little guy gorgeous like all of yours please do tell... i've already got the touch it all the time/sleep tricks down to a t =)

thank you!

p.s. for my first dread i think it came out ok =)

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