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i was enjoying reading & sharing with everyone's opinions on dreadlocks & methods vs. results in the serious post from yesterday. but i'm taking a break from discussion to post a little ridiculousness of what you don't usually see with dreads...

looking like a vintage & conservative classy lass member of society!

the housewife look. (from this morning)
more from this series, should you fancy. in my journal, today.

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(from february) you're always fully dressed even if you only have a nice hat on girls! hee. sorry not a lot of locks are visible. i was just trying to amuse you all with my attempts at looking vintage chic. you can click the one above to go to a bigger'un. and there is another large-size/different picture from this series with more locks visble yonder at deviantART >> caravan flesh & purple veils.

posing in a retrotastic mamma yamma bikini, from juneish.

looking fuzzled & DOH & in my normal surroundings & frippery back in april, in m'freshman dorm room. yay.

danke for peeking. just wanted to give a bigger post here since i love this comm so much.

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