...the innocent can never last... (littlerockstar3) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
...the innocent can never last...

bad, bad bad bad

i was in the car with my mom today
and i was playing with my dread type piece of hair (can i call it a dread yet?)
and she says there better be only one or shell cut them off
then i dropped the bomb
"but mom, i want to do my whole head"

-bad call alli-

you look buggy! and dirty! balh balh balh im a mean mean person blah blah NO! blah blah and then the kicker...

after the argueemtn was over i was playing with it again and she said...
"at least dont play with it in front of me, IT MAKES ME SICK, put it down"

score one for alli and her dread with that last line. =/
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