...the innocent can never last... (littlerockstar3) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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ok, so here is the situation... i (alli) want dreadlocks. very much so.
mom (sharon) doesn't like dreds, at all.

so here is what i thoguht of today. maybe it wouldnt even work but it made me happy...

so we all know the foundation locks of love. how peopel with really long hair cut it so wigs can be made for cancer patients.

who ever said cancer patients didn't want dreads?

so i figured id do a litle bit of research into it and see. cause if i want dreads so badly, why wouldn't someone with cancer? maybe in some small way i can make someone else life happy with something that made me so happy at one time too. and it'd be awsome cause i know if love my locks, i can just tell, and so i'd love to pass taht feeling on to someone who maybe needs that feeling more then i do.

ok... good idea? bad idea? either way it made me feel really happy
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