Mike (bipolarbear9) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

hair types

Hey all,
I have slowly come to terms with the fact that my hair type doesn't seem to like to dread too easily. I have 7 month old dreads, about 9 or 10" long, and the few inches near the roots are what I'd really call 'dreaded'...they're completely matted and quite solid. All the new growth seems to be dreading really well, but the part near the tips, especially 2" from the tip down, don't want to dread AT ALL. Even the lower middle part of the dreads are quite loose. I've tried backcombing and rip/twist, but neither seem to help much. My hair is quite thick, really soft and wavy....is there anyone else here with that hair type who can offer some tips?

I'm thinking I might just cut off the loose parts in a year or so when I've gained more length, since the new growth is naturally dreading itself really well. Has anyone here done that?
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