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Hello, my name is Brandon and I've had my dreads for a little over a month and a half. I've been dreading them naturally by rubbing my hair with my palm in a clockwise direction. They're turning out pretty well, considering that I hadn't been taking care of them as I should have, but I've begun giving them lots more love, washing them, and putting sea salt water on them, and they're becoming even more beautiful.

The only thing I wonder about is their size. Being as I've dreaded them naturally they're coming in all different sizes, but a majority of them are pretty thin. This is alright for now, as my hair isn't really that long (6 inches before I began to dread), but I was wanting them to be much thicker when they get longer. I was wondering, how can I get them that way? Can I just grab a few of the smaller guys and palm roll them together?

I read something about sewing dreads together in the FAQ section, but I don't think I quite understood. Is this a way to make them larger as well?
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