dingovision (kissycassie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

one of my best friends is counseling at our local YMCA camp this summer. i went to visit her tonight, because she doens't have a cabin this week. i SWEAR (and i'm not a conceited bitch)... i was the star of camp tonight! at least 10 kids came up to me to ask me about my dreads... touch them, smell them (hmm...creepy?) and whatever. i overheard some kid behind me at campfire say to his friend "i wish my parents would let me have dreadlocks"... and the girl directly behind me played with them the entire campfire. i must say it was great! so i am sharing this story so as to share the dread love with all of you guys, because you all are amazing! have a super night ^_^
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