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Ugh. I put in my dreads about three days ago and have been vigorous palm-rolling since. When I sleep, the ones in the back unvariably come out. And I have to re-do them from scratch. Yesterday, the front and sides starting coming out, too. I don't know if this has to do with A) the weather (humid and muggy as all get-out), B) my hair being super-fine, or C) my hair being too short. I ended up taking the few remaining survivors out, which took me all of 5 minutes! It was seriously pathetic. I worked *so hard* on these.

IS my hair too short to try this? It's about 5" on the top, 4" on the sides, and 3" in the back. I was sure it was long enough. I'm all hung up on the idea that maybe I just have the wrong sort of texture (fine, limp) to do this at all. :(

Any words of encouragement? Should I try again later when it's longer?
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