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to dread (now) or not to dread (now)

it's been over a year -wow!

i have been loving my regular hair .
shampoo-ing it and it being all soft

i also have been thinking it maybe time to lock up again (making #4 in 9 years)

here are my reasons TO lock up right now:

1. locks just fit me

2. im not a hair-do girl , i've tryed . i just don't do anything with it .
(i made up enough hairstyle time in the 80's)

3. i always grow them back as much as i always cut them , they make me feel like my
skin fits me better.

here are my reasons NOT TO lock up right now:

1. i always cut them - i've had them 3 time in 9 years and i always cut them

2. im kinda enjoying having regular hair

3. i dunno if i think it would look good if i locked it up with it at the length it is.

what are your thoughts - here's a recent pic

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