stupid kat tricks (kyasuri) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
stupid kat tricks

today is our one week anniversary!! I think i'll finally post a few pictures. :D luv you all!!

day one..

very first one, 3:45 in the afternoon! :o) we didn't finish until midnight!!

it was getting cold outside, had to slip on my trusty LJ t-shirt (what a nerd! who does that.)

that was taken at about midnight, after watching the entire first season of aqua teen hunger force straight through. oy vey.

day two..

day three..

this is after my first day at work with dreads (i'm a vet tech at an animal hospital)

dready pigtails!!

day four..

after their first bath.. i probably should have waited longer to wash em. i had to spend the rest of the evening drying them out and reshaping them.

i think i look like a swamp creature in this picture!!

day six..

that's all i got for now! sorry there's so many.. i'm happy with how they're coming along though!
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