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A few other people have done this recently so I thought I'd give it a go, I never realised how much my dreads have actually changed over the last year, they've grown loads too. There're a *lot* of pictures behind this cut, so I warn you now :-)

Here's a before to get us going:

Leeds festival 2002: If only because I love this photo ;-)

Two more quick befores... these were about 4 months before dreading, but you can kinda see how long / curly my hair was. It was half down my back straight.

11th July 2003: Two days after dreading... (I'd dyed it black a week or two before dreading too)

20th July 2003: Two weeks in..

They look quite short above but this next one shows how long they were..

September 2003: Roots all over the place... (and something else!)

Proof that straight-haired chicks dig dreads ;-)

November 2003: dyed it black again somewhere before this..

December 2003:

January 2004:

Don't ask...

February 2004:

March 2004:

April 2004:

26th May 2004:

1st July 2004:

29th July 2004:

That's it!

Here's two more pics of a young me for good measure.. :-P

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