I am Jack's complete lack of inspiration. (xenofobiq) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
I am Jack's complete lack of inspiration.

The fix for loops

Ok people.
get ready.

for those of os (like me) who have medium and thin dreads : i have teh fix for loops.
No needles, no wires, no wax.

just fingers and salt water.

let us commence:

just like counterclockwise rubbing, you capture your dread between 2 fingers BELOW the loop.
you put 2 fingers from your OTHER hand ON the loop and slowly + firmly counterclockwise rub.
MAINTAIN this for about 2 MINUTES

Depending on the size and severity of the loop, you now have a thicker or thinner knot which will almost look TOO neat, compared to the rest of your dread. dont worry, this will fix itself in hours.
this process can be augmented with saltwater/locking accelerator, but not nescicarily.

If there is interest/demand i can have my GF make pics later today of how it looks/worked on me.

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