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About a month ago, I shaved most of my long hair off and dreaded what was left. I wouldn't have chosen to do this, although I admired dreads and freaky hairstyles on other people. I liked my long hair. But fate decided for me that it had to go.

The hair I didn't shave off looked kind of stupid before dreads. It lay flat on top of my head. From the front, it looked like a toupee; from the back, I looked like a metalhead dude. In two and a half hours at the Leepin' Lizards salon in Portland, OR, blueella produced 23 dreadlocks in my real hair by backcombing and palm rolling with a little bit of Knotty Boy wax, and 8 fake dreadlocks from a swatch of toyokalon and pinchbraiding.

The real dreads are more willful than the fake ones.

These dreads, almost 4 weeks old, are still under construction!

If I let them out, they go everywhere. Dreads take a while to get organized, as much as they ever do. I notice that I'm using a different pronoun to refer to my hair: they instead of it.

In a bar in New Orleans, a man asked me if all the long dreads were hair extensions. When I said yes, he said "I thought so. It'd be hard to have hair that long and shave it all off. At least you have a nice head." I didn't tell him that my hair really had been almost that long; I'd sure hate to see a grown man cry.

Thanks for indulging me. I've learned a lot from you all, and I love seeing everyone's great hair!
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