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Hi, um, im kinda new, i joined a few days ago but i was kinda shy, anyway, um, hi, er, i have uneven different length hair, well, erm, kinda, shaggy you might say, um, i was wondering, if  my hair is eligible for dreading, how i would do it, and if its long enough to even attempt.....please...




um, this is me, erm, yeah.....*cough*

my hair is kinda, thinnish, but thick, its weird....anyway, the type, length, and how i do it? well, i guess ill show you just how uneven it is......and im not sure if thats good or bad....cause ive seen people with different lengthed dreads and it was kinda nice, anyway im rambling....


this is my left side, se how uneven it is?

i hope my hair is long really stressing over it......

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