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dreadhead by nature

i was going to wait until august 27th ot "officially" dread up my hair. i decided that day because that's the day after i move into the dorms, and i thought i would be nice to my mom and let her have a familiar imag of me when we say our first real goodbye.

well, as it turns out, my dreadlocks didn't want to wait that long. in the past month, lots of my hair has just begun to dread itself up. i have thick black hair, and the curls are tighter than a pencil, so i guess it was inevitable. some are thin, some are fat. there are a few with some smooth round tips. some are very tight, some are kind of loose. needless to say, i love them all.

the funny thing is, my mom loves them. right after she left on a business trip, i told her my hair was dreading up. she didn't really say too much. but when she got home, she said, "let me see your dreadies." then i showed them to her. she took them in her hands, rolled them around a little bit. "cool," she said.

ever since i decided to get the dreads, it's been as if i were meant to have them. they nuzzle my shoulders and are like a glorious crown. having dreads these past few weks has been like a physical proof that i as a person have changed. i've been pretty calm, despite hardships. i have felt spiritually clean. another thing i've noticed is that people have been treating me different, more like an adult who is capable of making decisions.

all that i'm trying to say is that these dreadlocked days have been glorious.
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