tight pussy, loose morals (cuntsumer) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
tight pussy, loose morals

it kind of makes me mad when people ask me "oh, are you trying to grow dreads?"

no, i HAVE dreads. they may not be what 3 year old, smooth, lovely dreadlocks look like, but i have dreads all the same.

i mean, i love them. they make me happy. i was talking to a barista at starbucks last night with kick ass dreads, and we were talking for awhile about them (ya know, that wierd bond of strangers with dreadies) and she laughed and told me it took awhile for hers to "not look like a homeless person) and my supposed best friend was like, "yeah sarah, thats what you look like. i hope they start looking good, because i'm getting embarrassed."

that was pretty cool.


people are lame.

end rant
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