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this is for all your thin fined hair gals and boys:

You know the whole deal with parting your hair into 1 inch sections...well since our hair it so thin/fine what not ...there isnt alot of hair in that one inch!...
So my question is..did you just keep the 1 inch and let them dread off that little amount of hair...or did you make the section larger? Annnnnd whatever you did tell me! and tell me how your dreads are comin along and pictures would be super fine too! thank a bunch...

Im dreading this Saturday! EXCITMEANT! I'm meeting up with a couple dreadheads from this very own get up dead up, in toronto noonish in a random park for a picnic and dreading!! If any of you guys in the toronto area wanna stop by..its be wicked...ill post which park when i know!

woo..take it easy
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