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hey everyone. My hair is finally starting to dread and not be spongy (woot) but all of the dreads in back are flat. They are kind of funny looking. I realized.. that the best way to tighten your dreads is just to swim in the ocean. It literally tightened mine up in one day, a LOT. I saw people saying salt water.. but for some reason I didn't really get why that would work. Stupid me. It works wonderfully. So thanks. ALSO... thank you for teaching me to loop the dread through itself to tighten up the roots. I feel much better. The reason I was so worried was because I felt like my dreads would just come undone as opposed to getting better. So ANYWAY... this post is just to say thanks to you guys for being so helpful.

PS- (Could the girl who I bought Knottyboy from please send me an email.. because I sent you money.. And I am still waiting for the Knottyboy.. or at least an email.. making me a little nervous!)

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