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Hellooo dreadfolks!

My names Tamar, im a 17 year old gal from Israel, iv been watching this community FOREVER while admiring all of your wonderfull locks!

So the story goes like this, after chopping all of my hair off (three years ago) i swore to get dreadlocks soon as i had enough hair to do so. I finally had the guts yesterday (in the middle of a jethro toll (scuss me for possible misspelling) show, i saw some amazing dreads and decided to do the dirty deed..
corrently, i have 4 dreads, my friend Shon started dreading my hair yesterday and fell asleep in the middle so ill have to wait until tomorow for the rest.. im not dreading my whole head either (just three rows allong the top, which makes it half of my head), this will allow the half-curly frizzy mess that is my hair to stick out and turn my hair into the wonderfull, big, black mess it is.

and i love it!

the reason im posting this is to thank all of you for the wonderfull inspiration you guys were to me and for the great tips on how to perfect my lovely locks.

p.s: i wish i had a digicam to show off my mug, but i dont - so you can just scroll up to see my icon (its Jet girl from the *ahem* best comics ever) her hair looks just like mine, hopefully thatll help.

thanx again!,
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