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MOD POST (yes again...)


And I'm a bit ragged today.

I've been running around a bit trying to quiet mini fires in the community.

Everyone... breathe. And remember "Frankie says relax."


If someone believes your hair is fake then that's an opinion. I can't ban people for having different opinions. I don't know about you but I'm chocked full of opinions that are more heated than the way my hair looks. Talk to me about war, abortion, sexuality, religion and life and we can argue all night. Doesn't mean I'm right or wrong. It means that I like to rant. Tell me via internet you don't agree with the defintion I've given for my style of hair and I shrug it off.

The way I see it is this: If they don't agree, talking rarely changes it. And arguing makes the Mod-inator sad. Then sometimes I smash. Heads. Your heads.

Personally, I'd like it if people would REFRAIN from starting conversations just to define other people's hair but I can't make it a rule. I can say I will read those types of posts carefully and I might get a bit delete happy. I'll try not to. I do think that if a person becomes a growing problem (name calling, rude comments, trolling) I will have to ban them. No one has reached that point but a few have been red flagged. To them... go eat a cookie.

On the same side, I'd like it if people were a bit more thick skinned and let comments drop. Usually whoever says it doesn't know you, your reasons for locking or anything about your situation. They are shooting in the dark and you're getting highly upset about it. Why get offended? You too should eat a cookie.

Conclusions? No one can argue if you've all eaten your cookies as instructed.

Thus said the Mod-inator!
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