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and so i embark

heyhtere. i've been a constant watcher of the group for the past while, like 3 months or so. i've had an intense love for dreadlocks for a couple years, and finally, i'm ready to do them. i have chin-length reddish hair. (visualize with me, if you will) that is somewhat on the thinner side (but not really thing) and won't quite stay back in a pony tail yet. at least not the front sections, anyways. it'll stay in pigtails, though.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to start my babies off good? the best products (i want the best for my dreadies), the best method to go about it, and any other adivce you are willing to spare?
I am considering the Knottyboy dreadwax, i've heard its good, anyone else have an opinion? esp. for my roots. i've heard a lot of advice given concerning them, and i am curious as to the most popular ways. i am considering beads, i have these beautiful wooden star beads i want to show off.. but, should i start with them in, or put them over my dreads after they've been in for a couple days?

i want to start as soon as i can, or, at least, as soon as i can convince my friend kevin(who has beautiful, nappy, unique dreads) to trust his talents and do mine. So, any and all advice is appreciated. -grins happily- i've had straight, boring hair for too long, i need a major change. i am geting sick of putting chemicals in it to make it do anything.

yours truly in loverly-ness,
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