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conversing on dreadlocks

i had a wonderful conversation today with a complete stranger about my dreadlocks....and it was really refreshing to be able to speak freely to someone over age forty about my dreads without judgement. he wanted to know all about them, how long i have had them for, what they meant for me (both culturally and personally) and how i find people to be taking them as a whole (any negative feedback, etc.). i suppose i was just wondering whether any of you have had similar experiences in having meaningful conversations with strangers on a topic that is usually somewhat taboo (in the sense that people think they cannot ask about it), and how you described your dreadlock "experience" to this individual. it was really quite nice to be able to vocalize what the dreads (and consequently, I) stand for to an individual who was really willing to listen.

i'll post my response later, but i would like to hear your thoughts/experiences on this first.
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