jane (janiecash) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i'm anxious.

hey all...hm. i have no idea how to begin this...my name is jane. and i'm going to dread my hair today. i'm excited. i'm scared. (what if my hair falls out?!? haha. silly, irrational fears...) but i'm dead set on this. first i have to get through a 4pm-1am shift and then the dreading begins: rubber bands, a medieval comb, two(?) good friends and a few good movies.

this is me...

and my hair...

anyway, i've read pretty much this whole journal...everyone's locks are beautiful! and everyone's incredibly nice. i can't wait to truly join the community.

oh, one not so irrational fear...i have a skin condition that i use a special lotion for and a shampoo for my scalp...which means i went to the dermatologist and got a scientific name for dandruff and severely dry skin and also a reassurance that it wasn't my fault- HEH...but anyway, the shampoo is selenium sulfide in lotion form. does anyone know if i can continue using it? maybe i could use it and then use the dread shampoo afterwards...so all the chemical goodness goes into my scalp and then gets rinsed off by the shampoo? anyway...that was my logic...
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