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Hi Everyone!

That big mean hurricane Ivan went right over us Wednesday the 15th, and knocked our power out. I just got it back today after a week and 3 days. It was kinda cool not having power and reading till the late hours by candle light. :D Anyway, since school and job was closed for the storm I had my friend Kerri come over and dread my hair. We could only do it during the day, since it obviously got too dark after the sun went down. It took us 3 1/2 days to do it. She did a wonderful job and I really really love my dreads. Thanx to all of your good advice. :D

Here are before and after pics.

Some of my dreads on top are a little loose at the roots. I tied them with string.
I avoid rubber bands, because they tend to break your hair off.

I thought I was gonna lose alot of my lenght, but it's about as long as it was before it got dreaded. :)
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