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ok. so i'll explain this better. maybe this could go down in the FAQ's because i am in the middle of treating my hair right now.

my head has been itching for about a week, mostly at the back of my neck. this morning while i was scratching it like mad i felt something between my fingernails, took a look and it was a small louse! so i freaked right out...

my mother has had experience with this before, being i had lice three times as a child. she took a look at my hair, dug around in there and she said she saw nothing.

everything is on lock-down, i called in from work, i am delousing (hah, sp?) my apartment like a meth fiend. went out and bought nix lice cream (kills eggs and lice) and rid shampoo. i've just used the nix now i'm letting my hair dry so that i can use the rid shampoo. in about a week i'll use the nix cream again just to be sure... if the itching comes back and these assholes dont die...... i guess i'll have to cut off my babies. meh.

i guess i'll leave my results in the comments. oh dear.
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