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what's up get up...
such a lovely place this is! my name is erika & come december my locs will be a well earned 2 years old. i had them started in a salon because i honestly did not trust myself & had this odd fixation with them all being parted evenly.
i'm over it now & have been maintaining them on my own for the past 17 months.
my family & coworkers are good people so i never get any shite from them, heh.

i love dreadlocks. they illustrate the passage of time so beautifully, to me.
i think that is why i am always in awe over them, the weathered/intertwined/collection of many days,weeks,months & years in your hair. far, this is what i've ...


there's a good deal of beauty & inspiration in this community!
thanx for existing.
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