TV Transmitters require passive recievers. (synthetik_fur) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
TV Transmitters require passive recievers.

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Dread Washing

..heya ^^ I haven't seen any posts about washing dreads... I don't really think they need washing but it's been a couple of months and they smell like vanilla ^^ I REALLY miss being able to submerge my head in water.. and in the UK the freezing salty sea might well turn me into a meat popsicle.
I have chemical free shampoo from wayback but it smells so rank i dont want it near me, and I kinda skint so cant afford to buy anything special.. i thoguth a mixutre of towel drying and blow drying and not shampoo at all. Any other ideas? I wanna submerge my headd dammit :( x
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