Camden Adair (deathinyourarms) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Camden Adair

Different Soaps/Shampoos

Hey guys,
After seeing some recommendations of Dr. Bronner's products, I headed over to the nearby Trader Joes to see if they had any. All I could find was the bar soap All-One Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap. I picked one up, but I was hoping to find the tea tree kind. I did however see the Trader Joe's brand of Tea Tree Oil Pure Vegetable Soap and picked some up. The ingredients are: sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, water, glycerin, tea tree oil, sodium chloride, tetrasodium EDTA, and Tetrasodium Etidronate. I was just wondering what you guys think about that (ingredient-wise), and if you think it would be good for my hair. (I have month old dreads, caucasian and frizzy and ratty).
Also, a shampoo I was using before was by a company called Lets Dred. It's ingredients were: Deionized Water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocoamide DEA, Glycol Stearate, Wheat Germ Oil, Aloe Vera, Sodium Chloride, FD&C Yellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6, Fragrance.
Once again, just wondering your guys' opinions on those different products and their ingredients. Thanks!

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