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i've had my dreads for about 15 months, and i've never had anyone say anything bad about them. i've only gotten compliments. but today my friend turned to me while waiting to play volleyball, and he says "katie i have to ask you a question."
"yes, alex?" i say
"do you know the social implications of having dreadlocks as a white person?"
"yeah, like that i'm a pothead? even thought i'm not"
"yeah that, and also that it offends other people. you know there's a big group of kids in the school who are offended and angry about it but none of them will say anything to you.. or they just haven't yet"

okay this caught me way off guard and it also bothered me. i mean, i'm not saying that i'm trying to be black just because i like dreadlocks. i got dreadlocks personally for two reasons: 1)i LOVE the way they look and 2) low maintenence. to some of you i may sound like a ditz because i know a lot of you have your dreads for spiritual/growing experience reasons, but personally that's not why i got them. and i'm not trying to be something i'm not. I JUST LIKE THE HAIRSTYLE! so why do people have to get offended by that?

anyway then i felt bad and considered taking them out because i hate when something i do annoys or offends anyone. but then i realized i've had them for over a year already and this is the only time i've heard something bad. so i guess i'll just ignore it.
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