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Hello, my name is KT (pronounced Katie). I've been reading this community for a while, and I've just now gotten the courage to post. I'm so in love with dreadlocks. I think they're beautiful in every way possible.

Welp, I've wanted dreadies for a very very long time, and have never gotten them. Last year my friend gave me one in the back of my head and I kept it for months. All I did was put beads on it and I kind of forgot about it [ I neglected my first baby! ] My Mother eventually figured out it was a dread and forced me to cut it out.

Last monday, I gave myself two baby dreadies, but when I showered the next day [ silly me. ] I had to comb them out because they turned horrid. So on wednesday I did them again, and they came out better, and I've been taking really good care of them. I did them mostly without wax. The wax that I did use wasn't really for dreading, but it did work a little bit. They make me happy. I will most definately get full out dreads...someday. I'm asking for permission to get them for christmas. Let's just hope that my parents don't laugh in my face!

I know I'm not really one of you beautiful people with beautiful dreads, but I'm still going to post

These are pictures of when they were only a few days old.

This was taken a few minutes ago.

Ehh, what can I say? They're not the greatest, but I love my newborns. :)

Can anyone give me advice on how to keep them nice using common things found in the household? (I'm broke)
Thank you in advance!

peace madd,
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