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hi. i posted some pictures of my dreads the first day i got them. but from there, they went waaaaaaaaaaaay downhill and they were really really bad. my friends helped me put them in the last time..i'm not sure what happened but i'm re-back-combing them myself and they're starting to look like dreads again. any ideas on what went wrong so i don't make the same mistakes again? then again, it just might have been the fact that my friends probably didn't know what they were doing even though i explained to them, in detail, how to do it. gr. anyway. here're some more pictures.

here's what happened:

they made me sad, so i redid them. i'm about halfway done backcombing them again. :). hopefully, they'll stay this time cause i really love them.

and, i really should clean my mirror. i promise that stuff is not on my face.

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