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Hello, fellow dreadheads.
My locks are just about 3 days old. They are sort of medium sized, and the are pretty messy since they are new. I figure that they will get neater as they get older as long as I take care of them.
I have a few places on my head where it's sort of bald (you can't really see them, but they're under the dreads) because of the ways the dreads have been pulled. Will these go away? Should I rip a couple dreads apart to cover them? I did rip one dread, but the others are pretty firmly started and don't really want to split apart, so I didn't try too hard. Any suggestions? And also- I've read the FAQ, but how soon after I've made my dreads can I use accelerators like lemon juice or saltwater?
Thanks so much- and I will post pictures eventually :)
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